The activity “Journey of Food” was helpful for children to see and understands the various processes of farming and as to how the food travels to reach our palette as these little ones could have hardly got an opportunity to see cultivation. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class Preparatory and I. The peppy peppers enlightened on the topic-Animals and their products for us followed by a power packed action song “Food keeps you healthy”. Students of class 1 enacted on a small skit “Journey of Raw to Cooked”, where they explained the process of sowing potato to the potato being served in the plate. It was followed by another group of students performing on the healthy song rhyme-“To stay healthy…..”The biggest surprise awaited the entry of a cow and a calf along with a milkman.

Ms. Chetna Jha spoke to children, making them aware of Importance of cow dung. Headmistress spoke on Importance of eating green vegetables- for proper growth and a healthy mind and body. She also said that we should avoid eating non-vegetarian food. She concluded with a message-“Instead of destroying nature-nurture it”.After the assembly children took a round a visited the kiosks set up by the respective classes. They also showcased the process of Bee farming-Apiculture, Fishery-Pisciculture and Silk rearing-Sericulture. Class 1 teachers came up with DPS Grocery store, where they displayed most of the things available at a grocery shop like- pulses, rice, wheat, flour, sugar, etc. They had also put up a Masala Junction where the common spices used in the kitchen were kept. Children were asked to feel and smell the spices to identify them. As the children were visiting the stalls, they also saw the milkman milking the cow.  A rainbow of fun filled indoor activities awaited children in the classroom.

Class prep-students had rhyme recitation during circle time followed by a talk time where they were briefed about- How the food comes from fields into our plate?  How the milk reaches from farm to our home? The preppers also enjoyed a fun game-“Cow skitties bowling” where they tried to hit the bottle prepared as a cow, with a ball.Children started the day with riddles and quiz quest during circle time. The teacher also discussed how the food starts its journey from the fields and reaches our plate through a story “Journey of raw to cooked”. The very next day children watched a video on “How the seed grows?” The activity “Journey of food” was a great success as it helped to promote- healthy eating for a healthy being.

Added on: 20 Jul 2017

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