Sewa Diwas

The entire morning schedule of September 15, 2017, was skillfully managed by the young children of Class IV & V. The occasion was witnessed by the entire teaching and the non –teaching staff who were all ready in unison, to render deep gratitude and to say “Thank You Differently”. They welcomed the outsource staff by showering flowers, playing musical band and by presenting a ‘Thank You’ badge on the arrival. A group of students wore a headgear with the phrase  ‘कर्मयोग के अथक पथिक’ with each letter on a separate piece of paper. The students also presented a card and a pouch of dry fruits to all staff. The assembly began with a Morning Prayer Service by the students to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. It was succeeded by an informative and inspiring speech by Ms. Chitra Singh. She delved upon the significance of Sewa Diwas and also gave way to her personal thoughts while thanking all the staffs for their commendable service.

The choir group of Class V presented the beautiful and melodious song.  This was followed by the two mesmerizing dance performances by the young Dipsites as they enthralled everyone present there. It was then the time for the Principal, Mr. B. Vinod, to address the gathering. He appreciated the efforts of the staffs and showed his gratefulness towards them in maintaining the goodwill of the school. He conducted a pledge for them, vowing to live up to the expectation of life and preserve job integrity. The event concluded with the outstanding poem recital by Atharva Manas of class VH. The memories of this day will continue to bring cheers on the faces of one and all. The gathering got prepared for the next round of program with smiles and expectations.

The Sunday morning, September 17, 2017 commenced by cleaning off all the vehicles from school buses to all LMV vehicles. After the puja was performed the day proceeded with the presentation of cultural programme at the plaza. Mr. Sandeep Jalan, took the forefront and managed the lined up activities. The cultural events started with a performance singing of shloka and prayer song. In the next row was a dance presentation by the helpers who performed ‘Krishna Leela’.It was a joyful dance of  Lord Krishna’s  and the gopis…”The day progressed with the heartening speech of the Principal Mr. B. Vinod who articulated his thoughts and conveyed his thankfulness for the entire staff fraternity. He read out the message sent by our PVC to all the staff. He also mentioned that without the service staff, the school would not have reached the heights of excellence that it is noted for. This was followed by a melodious vocal presentation by the Outsource Staff. They were no less; they showcased their flair in singing as well. They presented melodious songs in a row. Thereafter, Mr. Sandeep Jalan requested the Headmistress, Ms. Namrata Prasad, to address the gathering. She graced the occasion with her motivational and inspirational words .The program was carried further with presenting gifts and cards, as a token of affection, to all the staff members by the Headmistress, on behalf of the Pro Vice Chairman of the school. The day concluded with lunch organized by the school management. The purpose of the Sewas Diwas got its rainbow colours; everyone present felt dignified and cherished the sense of belonging. They left the venue with a new found hope and contentment.

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