Alone we can do so little, together we can do a lot. A healthy parent teacher relationship is one of the most important contributory factors towards a child’s success at school. Keeping this ideology in mind, the Workshop on Mode of Evaluation- CBSE Amendment in Evaluation System was conducted for the parents of Classes IV & new admission Class V in DPS Patna, JW and ‘Getting Ready For School & Hands On Learning’ for parents of class Nursery and all new parents of class Preparatory and class I. The Workshop for class IV & V commenced with the Objective of Evaluation & CBSE reforms.

This Parents’ Workshop was one step towards the partnership where the teachers updated about the latest reforms and amendments made by the Central Board of Secondary Education. This helped the parents in proper understanding of the new system of evaluation and they also had clarity of scholastic and co scholastic areas. The teachers also talked about Evaluation of Academic subject in Classes IV & V relating types of assessment, percentage of weightage in academic session, duration of written assessment and maximum marks a child can score in written assessment and CCE. Grading system, rules of assessment and promotion policy criteria of classes IV & V were also discussed with the parents. The main objective of parents attending the workshop for class nursery to I was to encourage them to understand the significance of parent’s involvement in school and to develop a positive school- parent relationship. It was a kind of orientation program, which helped the parents understand the pre-requisites of preparing their children for a formal school and also it made them familiar with the methodology and approaches adopted in our school.

The session started with a team of experienced teachers who threw light on various topics and acquainted them with the teaching-learning processes followed at different classrooms. The topics covered were - The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. The topic enveloped all aspects like bus boarding, lunch menu, back pack, toilet habits and general etiquettes. Elaboration on curriculum followed in Nursery and Prep. Parents were informed about implementation of Reggio Emilia Approach, theme based teaching and the daily schedule flow chart. The discussion also included tips for parents to incorporate similar approach at home for enhanced and holistic development of the children. Further, parents were made aware of the hands on learning experiences children get, in the form of cooking activity and the importance of developing fine motor skills through various activities which can be done in the school as well as at home. In the topic – ‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader’ Teachers touched significant concerns like Read Program and also emphasized the parents to take initiative at home to inculcate love towards reading books.The workshop concluded with an open session where the parents came up with various queries which were satisfactorily answered by the Headmistress and teachers.The Session was concluded by the Headmistress, Mrs. Namrata Prasad where she thanked the parents for supporting the school management by attending the Workshop and being a part of the healthy and fruitful session.

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