Life is a learning experience. When we look back at each day; they seem very similar to one another but a new step for learning makes each day different. November 18th witnessed the joy and excitement among the students of class V when they happily came for the night camp. Out of myriad exciting events, night camp is incredibly a popular experience that students of class V have and look forward for. Assembly Plaza was magnificently bedecked by the art department based on the theme Royals and Legends.

At the entrance; teachers along with the Headmistress welcomed the students merrily. All the students were brimming with confidence when they entered into the school campus along with their luggage and a crown. Teachers of class V registered all the students before proceeding them to their allotted rooms. They were also given the luggage tags with room numbers mentioned.  After a short while they all assembled at the plaza for the special assembly. The gathering was addressed by the Principal followed by the Headmistress’ where she  briefed students about the significance  of the night camp  and also reminded them of the do’s and don’ts during their stay in the campus. The evening started with an assembly where students and teachers staged a spell-binding and enchanting cultural program. The ones who had their birthday cut the cake and everybody sang and rejoiced for them. Later, the students enjoyed the snack time with friends.

The air felt soft and fragrant like the first twilight ever and the moonlight appeared to be celestial. After this, a plethora of activities like, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Dead Fish, Simon says Dance, Ring the Horn, Tail the Horse, Word Pyramid, etc were conducted which had been planned by the teachers and enjoyed by the students. After the dinner, the students were ready for the movie show. The movie ‘Bumm Bumm Bole’ was screened. When the movie got over, the students tapped their feet to the peppy numbers around the bonfire. The dancing session was energizing for everyone. The next morning was rejuvenating with the yoga session. Students had packed their bags but before that they assembled for a short assembly where a few students shared their experiences. The Principal and Headmistress addressed the gathering and appreciated the students for their excellent display of discipline. The students were served delicious breakfast.

Added on: 18 Nov 2017

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