In order to celebrate Organic Festival at DPS Patna, a workshop on the theme Organic farming was held on 9th and 10th May 2017 by Tarumitra Patna. Mr. Prabhat from MicroX Foundation, Students of Class VI to XII and teachers of DPS Patna were the participants of this workshop.

A special presentation was shown by the team from Tarumitra comprising Father Robert, Director, Tarumitra ; Ms Devopriya Dutta and  organic farmer Ms. Margaret Molomoo, specialised in Organic Farming from USA and Japan.

The session started with the introduction of guest speakers and a short speech by Father Robert on how to protect our environment from further degradation and the efforts that can be taken by children to save nature. It was followed by the detailed presentation on Organic Farming by Ms Devopriya Dutta and Ms. Margaret Molomoo .They focused on saving our biodiversity because most of the species are now extinct. Farm areas are now converted into construction sites due to increasing population. They suggested that we should have our own kitchen garden and grow organic food to avoid our dependency on farmers. We can easily cultivate vegetables at home without much effort. They encouraged children to take initiative and have their own kitchen garden at home where they can  grow fresh organic fruits and vegetables .Even soil arranged on the top of a plastic sheet having brick boundary at terrace can be used for cultivation in case we do not have enough space. Composts and vermicomposts can be easily made at home  using biodegradable wastes. She also discussed about ‘vertical garden’ that requires less space and is suitable for apartments. She explained about biofertilisers and biopesticides.

There was a question answer session at the end of presentation during which children got an opportunity to express their ideas and views on organic farming. During this session, students had open discussions on the efforts to protect the environment and role of our society in conserving nature. They expressed concern on how to convince farmers to use manures instead of fertilizers. Students also reflected the benefits they gained from this training and promised to carry it forward to the society.

The session ended with a visit to the roof top of DPS Patna where the guests and participants were informed about the initiatives taken by our school in promoting organic farming and spreading awareness in the society through Khetify and ATL project. A batch of 40 students are already working on the project ‘ Desh ka culture-Agriculture’ which is felicitated by graduates of IIT, IIM and agriculture experts. It is through MicroX Foundation and Khetify in collaboration with UN Habitat and is a medium to ensure holistic development of children through rooftop farming integrated with classroom activities. The entire session was quite enlightening and fruitful.

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