The major co – curricular activity “Caring Hands” for the month of September impeccably manifests the pivotal role of community helpers in our daily lives. The ambience was exquisitely adorned by the pictures of community helpers and their tools. Posters of people who help us like gardener, barber, fire fighters, plumbers, cobbler, tailor, dentist, baker, carpenter, chef were placed all around the assembly plaza. Depicting the monthly theme “baker” class Nursery wonderfully set up a baker’s shop displaying different tools used by baker. Teachers of class Preparatory dressed up as various community helpers such as tailor, chef, tea stall owner, beautician and flower seller with their beautifully decorated stalls and Class I’s set up of dentist’s clinic elevated beauty of the entire ambience. The day started with the arrival of our guest, Mr. Mrityunjay Kumar, officer in charge of Rajiv Nagar police station and. Headmistress ma’am welcomed him cordially. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class nursery, prep and I. The students of class I enlightened on the importance of community helpers and how they work diligently in making our society a better place to live.

Nurserians’ enchanting performance through the recitation of the poem “I am a baker man, I come from far away” was remarkable as well as pleasurable. Peppy preppers dressed up as different community helpers exhibiting their tools spoke few lines about the works they perform. The day was filled with an array of compelling fun filled indoor and outdoor activities. The tiny tots of Nursery enjoyed doing the activity sheet on joining dots, colouring the picture and making colourful badges. Students of class Preparatory were extremely delighted to play the dumb charades game and an activity sheet followed by making colourful thank you. Students of Class I were engaged in writing letters on the postcard to the soldiers thanking them for their everlasting service. Children of different classes also watched video on community helpers.

The very next day Nurserians did “Hand print collage”, Preppers drew and wrote what they want to be and class I made a list of various community helpers as a part of recapitulation during the follow up activity.


Added on: 14 Sep 2017

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