100 Days Celebration

Every day is a special day and each day counts and plays a significant role in our lives and when it is about the 100 successful days of completion of Nursery children who have just stepped in to the new world of education in the school, it becomes a milestone. The 100 successful days of the children in the dearly loved school premises is equally important for their teachers as well, as they have come across a journey, together with hands in hand. Hence 13th of July of this year marked as “My Hundredth Step” was a great day of celebration and achievements for all. We, at Delhi Public School, truly believe that an all-round development in children can only take place when they are being actively involved and occupied with a non-stop degree of interest; they definitely climb the ladder towards glory & success and soar up high.

The celebration of “My Hundredth Step” is a fantastic and delightful idea to make children feel special and loved by their teachers as they have moved ahead hundred steps since they joined the school, it is undoubtedly a reason for all to cherish & rejoice. Children love the stories and the story of “Aladdin & his magic Lamp” has been an all-time favourite among them, so keeping this in mind, the Nursery team of teachers decided to go with the theme of Arabian Nights. The school ambience was created dramatically to match the theme with the help of cut-outs of Minarets, camels, barrels, lanterns, palm trees etc. prepared by the Art Dept. along with helpers so aesthetically that the feeling of Arabian essence was there in the air. Children were welcomed by showering the flower petals and Rose water and by handing over “I am 100 days brighter” Magic wand. The special assembly was glorified by the cordial presence of school heads, The Principal & The Headmistress who lit the inaugural lamp and started the proceedings.

To add more fun to it numerous interesting activities were covered for the 5 days like:100 Days Headgear, Magic Wand, When I will be 100, My 100 Flowers Garden, My Fun 100 Treat and Outdoor Play- 100 Exercises. Along with these, numerous interesting activities were covered starting from the very first day of the session till the 100th day during circle time & short circle time which were assembled in their portfolio booklet.  100 days certificates were also given to the tiny tots as a treasure of memory to cherish the moment for long. The Follow up Activity: 100 days rhyme “We have been learning..” was sung by the children and they counted the beads of big ganit mala.

Added on: 13 Jul 2017

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