Major Co-Curricular Activity - “Happy Journey”

 “Happy Journey “ major co-curricular activity was conducted for children of class nursery to I in the month of August 2017. Children got the knowledge about different modes of transportation and the vehicles used for each mode. They also gathered information about a safe and happy journey. The day started with the arrival of our guest, Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Singh, A marine engineer by profession. Headmistress Mam welcomed him cordially.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class nursery, prep and class I that was very well anchored by Ms. Shafa and Ms. Trina, class teachers of class I B and I C respectively. Children presented a small skit on travelling where they encountered an emergency while boating. HPE teacher Mr. Dharamvir demonstrated the first aid required for that emergency. Nursery children performed a peppy song…”let’s go on a journey.”Understanding of basic road safety was explained by another sports teacher Mr. Smith Keshav who was also dressed as traffic policeman. Towards the end children were addressed by the guest who shared his experiences with them and also told them about the difference between ships and boats. The day was filled with a variety of fascinating fun filled exercises which engaged the children both indoors and outdoors activities. Right from the circle time and craft fun, coloring and drama each of these was fascinating and enthralling for the little ones.

Children of Nursery made colorful thank you cards for helpers, bus drivers and conductors. To mark respect and show love and gratitude to them, children handed over these thank you cards and roses. These children also prepared a booklet in which they pasted ice cream sticks in the shape of engine and also pasted cutouts of circles to make the wheels of the engine. They also did an activity sheet in which they numbered the train bogies from no.1 to 6.They also run their toy cars on the track prepared beforehand by the helpers. Class Prep had a booklet which had a hot air balloon craft sheet, air transport quiz and coloring sheet and an air ticket and passport coloring sheet. Children made paper aero plane from origami sheets, later on these aero planes were taken outside to fly them in sky. Class I had an activity where children prepared boats out of paper plates and ice cream sticks, which they colored according to their choice. A group activity was taken up where children prepared a big boat to represent their sections. Each section had a specially designed boat which was put in water to sail. Finally, they also visited the AV room to watch videos on safety rules.

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